Services and Pricing


Nurturing the New Mother

Having to care for your baby, both day and night, can be a challenging time.

It is reassuring to know that help is available to you, from a kind and caring professional who has the time to spend with you.

Maud will come to your home and provide you with emotional and practical support and learning.  She will help you to feel cared for, nurtured and relaxed, allowing you to enjoy this precious time as a Mummy.

Fees : $55 per hour.  Ten hour package $495.


  • Babycare and Learnings – bathing, dressing, wrapping, nappy changing, skin and cord care, burping, settling
  • Feeding
  • Settling strategies and sleep cues
  • Caring for your baby while you sleep or leave the home


  • Family laundry
  • Cook your evening meal
  • Make you lunch
  • Drive you to appointments
  • Shopping
  • Errands


  • Support when things aren’t going well and you are feeling overwhelmed

Special Circumstances :

  • Unsettled babies – reflux, colic, allergies
  • Babies with other health problems and disability
  • Mummies with health problems, including Post Natal Depression
  • Twins and triplets
  • Premature babies


Advance Mummy Mummy

Visit Bookings

Advance Mummy Mummy Visit bookings guarantee that Maud will be available for you when your baby is born.

It is important that you feel comfortable with the person coming into your home to help you, and that you feel you will be cared for and supported.  Maud is available to meet with you prior to making your booking if you wish.  She is able to help you decide which days and times might work best for you.  Mummy Mummy Visit bookings may be made for a minimum of three hours per day.

Fees : $55 Per Hour.   Ten Hour Package : $495.

Emergency Mummy Mummy

Visit Bookings

Please don’t hesitate to contact Maud to check her availability if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and would like some help and support at short notice.

As it is so important that you feel comfortable with whoever comes into your home to help you, Maud is happy to come and meet with you beforehand if you would like. This will help you decide if you feel she is the right person to support you and your family.

Emergency Mummy Mummy Visits are available whenever possible and are for a minimum of three hours per day.

Fees : $55 Per Hour.  Ten Hour Package $495.

Unsettled Baby Consultations

Unsettled Baby Consultations are available in your home if your baby is unsettled.  Some babies have challenging and painful conditions such as colic, reflux, allergies or disability.  Maud will help you to learn the reason why your baby is unsettled, how to soothe your baby and provide you with emotional support as well.  She is also able to make appropriate referrals to other health professionals if needed.

These intensive sessions are held in the convenience of your own home and allow for Maud to focus on the problem and use her knowledge and expertise to assist you to resolve the issues.  Consultations times are up to 1.5 hours duration.

Once things are more settled, Mummy Mummy Visits at $55 per hour may be booked for further help and care if you wish.

Fees : $155.