How I Help

How I Help Mummies and Daddies.

Teaching Babycare Skills
Picking up baby and passing baby to another person
Dressing and undressing – appropriate clothing for the temperature
Nappy changing and nappy area care
Different ways to hold baby
Settling techniques
Skin, nail and cord care
Managing the baby when they are crying or fussy
Managing babies with reflux or colic or food intolerances
How to care for baby and toddler together

Caring For Baby –
Attending to all babycare so mummy can do other things
Taking baby for a walk
Caring for baby while mummy / parents go out of the home
Caring for baby while Mummy rests or sleeps
Experienced with premature, sick, and disabled babies
Experienced with multiples

Caring For Mummies –
Caring for sick mummies or mummies who have had surgery – meals and drinks, driving to health appointments
Caring for baby of mummies who are unwell or who have had surgery
Taking and collecting other children from daycare, kindy, school

Household Tasks –
Laundry – washing, drying and folding
Errands – post office, dry cleaners, chemist etc
Loading and unloading the dishwasher
Washing, drying and putting away dishes
Preparing evening meal or lunch and other cooking
Tidying and wiping the kitchen
Tidying lounge and other rooms
Putting away baby’s gifts
Arranging flowers and discarding old flowers

Accompanying Mummy on Outings and Appointments –
Teaching how to manage taking baby with you – putting into and out of car, managing grocery shopping etc
Accompanying mummy and caring for baby while on outings – clothes shopping, hairdresser, appointments
Driving Mummy to outings and appointments

Caring For Baby While Parents Are Out –
Lunch, coffee, appointments, shopping, exercise, mummy ‘me time’, funerals
Taking baby to his / her appointments when parents are unable to                                                                                 Caring for unwell baby in hospital if parents are unable to
Evening babysitting is available by negotiation – weddings, parties, dinners