About Maud

Maud Giles is a former Paediatric Nurse who has been working with families for most of her career.

She currently runs Mummy Mummy in Adelaide and surrounding areas, providing practical assistance, professional education and emotional support to help families experience a happy and relaxed time with their baby.

Maud loves helping mummies and babies but is just as happy pottering around doing household tasks and errands to keep your home running smoothly.

Maud does not impose ideas on Mummies but helps find solutions, in order to discover what works for you, your baby and your family.

Maud has worked extensively in parents’ homes, both overseas and in Australia, with people from many different cultures and family situations.

She moved from Australia to London where she established a successful Newborn Consultancy Practise, working with mothers and babies, training nurses and nannies, and also teaching infant water safety classes. She has been a Lactation Consultant for 19 years but has retired from lactation consulting.

Now Maud prefers to work more like an Aunty or Grandma, caring for families in their homes, which she loves.

Maud is trustworthy and respectful of your family, and your home and space.  She has a kind and calm personality and all Mummy Mummy Visits and Unsettled Baby Consultations are confidential.

Maud holds a SA DCSI Working With Children Clearance, a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Sociology, and a Graduate Diploma in Health Counselling.

Maud is also blessed to be a Mummy to her eleven year old daughter.