When The Mummy is Sick.

I remember being really sick with mastitis when my daughter was small.  I lay on the floor next to her, crying while she played.  I was a single mummy, my family were interstate, my friends were at work or had their own children to care for.  I had no one to look after me.

What I wanted was for someone to go to the shop to get me orange juice and more panadol.  And to take me to the doctor.  And to tuck me into bed. And to make me soup.  And to say caring words to me.  And most of all to take care of my daughter……so I didn’t have to. 

I wanted to go to bed and have no responsibilities so I could get well again.  And I wanted to feel cared for.

As mummies we care for others.  A lot.  Seven days a week.  When we are feeling vulnerable we are the ones who need to be cared for, so we can be well enough to care for our families.  And that’s ok.

There is nothing wrong with needing care; with not being able to do it all, or not wanting to.  To want to be cared for.  To need a break so we can stop caring for everyone else and allow ourselves to rest and get well.  

We need a village, a community, a mother for the mother.  This way we are still caring.  We are caring for ourselves because do you know what – we matter, we need it and we deserve it.

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